Effectiveness of Bath (Lower Body Bathing) with BioMAXX

  • Radiation of Far Infrared & anion Skin beauty effect
  • Relieve fatigue
  • Excretion of waste products and toxins Muscle relaxation
  • Improved Blood Circulation

Biomaxx for Soap Manufacturing

  • Strong & Active Radiation of Far Infrared & anion – Water soluble silicate with 100% natural, nontoxic, eco-friendly To develop Premium soap with natural
  • Cleansing and moisturizing effect: Excellent cleansing and moisturizing function of skin or scalp. It has a good moist feeling and helps the skin to turn into dry due to the moisture absorption and lubrication action that replenishes moisture.
  • Improves and maintains skin elasticity
  • Cleansing effect: Washes off contaminants and impurities from the skin, protects the skin from UV rays, has excellent skin care effects that are irritated and damaged by fine dust, prevents skin damage caused by troubles, and helps to improve wrinkles.
  • It prevents aging of the skin, penetrates deep into the skin with powerful far-infrared rays and negative ions emission functions, helps skin respiration and metabolism, maintains clean and healthy skin, and suppresses the environment in which Demodex inhabits, so it relieves itching. It is also good for skin and scalp health by helping weaken freckles, spots and hair roots caused by skin aging.
  • Skin regeneration function: The powerful antioxidants contained in the soap neutralize heavy metals and pollutants for contaminated and damaged skin from exposure to air pollutants. You can expect the sun protection effect to make the skin elastic.
  • Anti-aging skin
  • Wound healing function: Soothes itchiness caused by acne and atopy. Eczema, inflammation
  • Antibacterial action: Demodex removal protects the skin with strong antibacterial action
  • Applied for solid & liquid soap, and Hair Shampoo

BioMAXX for hair shampoo manufacturing

  • Strong & Active Radiation of Far Infrared & anion
  • Water soluble silicate with 100% natural, nontoxic & eco-friendly  to develop Premium shampoo with natural
  • Strong & Active Radiation of Far Infrared stimulating & awakening follicle, scalp, pore.
  • Prevent hair loss
  • Helps for scalp & hair health Relieve scalp inflammation, etc.
  • Antibacterial action reduces dandruff occurrence Remove smell on crown of the head