Application To Be Used

  • House, Office, school, church:
  • Easy removal of remained formaldehyde and VOC after constructed and re-modeling
  • Baby Care Center, Kindergarden, School, Sanatorium: Keep sanitary clean especially for the infants and the elderly
  • Hospital: Removal and prevent Hospital related infections Prevent secondary infection
  • Toilet, Bathroom, Living Room, Bedroom etc:
  • Automobile Inside: Removal toxic, Formaldehyde, toluene Cigarette & pet smell, mold & bacteria Harmful smell
  • Animal Shed
  • Laboratory
  • Super Market
  • Senior Center, Kindergarden,
  • Factory
  • contaminated places: Industrial sites, livestock, waste landfill, sewage treatment plant, etc.

Application Material

  •  Any materials: textile(curtain, blanket, pillow, sofa, carpet, shoes) &
  • Leather sofa, wooden furniture & decoration, metal, plastic, ceramic floor & toilet, wall paper except glass,
  • All indoor decoration & construction materials