Application to Livestock

  • Strengthen immunity from infectious diseases promote growth and improve meat quality (Premium super meat)
  • Strengthening the immune system from various harmful diseases Deodorization effect, humidity, temperature control effect in Barn Increase in fertility
  • Improvement  of   Bran  and  surrounding  environment  with excellent antibacterial function
  • 100% natural material, no side effects.
  • Product competitiveness and product price increase effect

Laying hens

  • Stable egg quality: thick & hard
  • High spawning rate and extended spawning period Egg yolk is strong, dark, and less fishy.
  • The meat is chewy and the smell of chicken is reduced. Absolute odor and gas reduction


  • The flesh is chewy
  • Less mortality, less odor and less gas
  • Shipment period shortened by more than 10 days Faster growth rate 3 times or more


  • The meat taste is good, the moisture is low, and the Corel sterol is low. No diarrhea, strong intestine,
  • Clean & lower mortality in piggery Suppresses odors and pests in piggery Eat less food
  • The breeding pig’s estrus improves and the fertility rate is improved. Reduces fat content and improves meat quality


  • Reduce Breast cancer & calculus Produce much milk
  • Prevention disease and odor Effect of growth rate
  • Improves good meat quality and taste


  • Reduce Breast cancer & calculus Produce much milk
  • Prevention disease and odor Effect of growth rate
  • Extend the life of the Bull
  • Improves good meat quality and taste

Fattening Cattle

  • Excellent meat quality and low moisture Marbling degree is faster
  • No need to feed premium forage Very fast growth
  • Reduce smells

Fish Farm, Freshwater (eel, shrimp, trout, etc.)

  • Effect by radiation of Far Infrared Ray & Anion
  • Detoxification and heavy metal discharge Strengthening immunity
  • Increase Natural healing power
  • Promotion action of Endorphin & Interferon Outstanding Oxygen supply action Dehydrogenation


  • Effect by radiation of Far Infrared Ray & Anion Non Toxic, 100% natural & ecofriendly Maintains the proper pH of water quality protects the skin & scales of fish, decomposes heavy metals
  • Reduction of fish-specific odor & fishy odor Prevention of waterborne diseases
  • Excellent sterilizing power to sterilize all viruses such as Legionella and E. coli in an instant.

Pet care

  • Various beneficial effects such as sterilization and purification power of water soluble silicate work on all animals such as dogs, cats and birds.
  • If feed water-soluble silicate diluent in the drinking water of a pet, the smell of the animal disappears, and the immunity against various diseases is strengthened, making it stronger against diseases.
  • As a result of poorly healed skin disease, spray water-soluble silicate diluent on the itchy or hairy area, or in bath water.