Together with BioMAXX. For your manufacturing of premium quality, valuable product. Miracle and extensive usages in high tech industries such as agricultural & livestock materials, water treatment, detergents, automobiles, medical care, cosmetics, and BIO industries.

  • Home Care: indoor solution, for antibacterial, antimicrobial, deodorization, discoloration
  • Health Care: edible, Premium Soap, shampoo, Bath additive, humidifier additive, cosmetics, skin care, toothpaste, health food, medical application, toxic substance detoxification products, etc.
  • Agricultural –  Horticulture, Vegetable, Fruit, greenhouse, pest control, air control, hydroponic cultivation, soil improvement, edible, spray, fountain, etc
  • Animals – Livestock, Fishery & Pet applications edible, spray, fish farm,
  • Water treatment – Piping anti rust prevention, improvement of thermal efficiency, automotive radiator Public Bath, aquarium,
  • Environmental application – Soil improvement, water quality management, air control substitutes for chlorine sterilization, etc.